Meteorology - Legislative Background

The CAA's responsibilities relating to meteorology and the legislation that supports this work.

Article 86 of the Air Navigation Order requires the commander of an aircraft to take reasonable steps to satisfy himself before take-off that the flight can safely be made, taking into account the latest information available as to the route and aerodrome to be used, the weather reports and forecasts available and any alternative course of action which can be adopted in case the flight cannot be completed as planned.

The CAA’s functions, as directed by the DfT in the CAA (Air Navigation) Directions 2001, shall be to develop, promulgate, monitor and enforce a policy for the sustainable use of UK airspace and for the provision of necessary supporting infrastructure for air navigation.

One of the particular responsibilities of the CAA shall be to discharge the responsibilities of the UK Meteorological Authority (i) in accordance with ICAO Annex III and other international obligations; and (ii) subject to international obligations, in such a manner as the CAA may determine from time to time.

Within ICAO terminology, the term Met Authority has a specific meaning, defined in Annex 3 as “providing or arranging for the provision of the MET Service for international air navigation on behalf of a Contracting State.”

The CAA (Chicago Convention) Directions 2007 from DfT requires the CAA to ensure it acts consistently with the obligations placed on the UK under the Chicago Convention. In relation to each of the Specified ICAO Annexes, the DfT requires the CAA to consider whether it is necessary to amend UK legislation to ensure appropriate implementation of an ICAO provision.

Statutory Instrument (SI) 2004 No. 1958 instructs the CAA to discharge the responsibilities of the National Supervisory Authority under Single European Sky (SES), whilst Statutory Instrument 2006 No. 3104 gives the CAA competence to Designate Air Navigation Service Providers under the Single European Sky Service Provision Regulation.

A number of regulations apply under SES and EASA that relate to some or all of the provision of Met Services and which the Met Authority conducts regulatory oversight of:

  • Common Requirements
  • Service Provision
  • Interoperability
  • Safety Oversight for Air Traffic Management
  • Charging and Performance Scheme