Dangerous Goods and Airports

Dangerous Goods training guidance for ground and cargo handling agents, sales reservations and check-in staff and security screening personnel

The UK legal requirements for the carriage of dangerous goods by air are contained within the Air Navigation (Dangerous Goods) Regulations AN(DG)Rs and are applicable to all aircraft registered in the UK and all foreign registered aircraft operating within UK airspace, including private pilots, aircraft and helicopters owners and operators.

Dangerous goods are routinely carried in aircraft as cargo and by passengers in their cabin or checked baggage and on their person. International provisions are in place which, when complied with, ensure that these items can be carried safely.

Information is provided below to help those engaged in Ground Handling, Cargo Handling and Passenger Handling to identify the training they may require. 

Ground and Cargo Handling Agents

Sales, Reservations and Check-In Staff

Security Screening Staff