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This page provides further information which may be of interest to offshore operators, such as links to the HCA, UK HSE and Oil & Gas UK.

Helicopter Certification Agency (HCA)

Under the Air Navigation Order (ANO) UK helicopter operators are responsible for ensuring that helidecks to which they fly are ‘fit for purpose’. Installation and vessels owners through their Safety Management System (SMS) also have the responsibility for ensuring their helidecks satisfy the helicopter operator’s requirements.

The standards which have to be satisfied are given in the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) publication CAP 437 ‘Offshore Helicopter Landing Areas – Guidance and Standards’.

HCA is the nominated body with responsibility for inspecting the helideck and its environs to ensure that required standards are met. Subject to satisfactory inspection by a HCA approved helideck inspector, HCA will issue a Helideck Certificate. Helideck Certificates when issued will be valid for a maximum of three years and renewal certificates will be issued subject to a satisfactory re-inspection by a HCA approved helideck inspector.

For each inspection an Offshore Helideck Inspection Report (OHIR) together with a Summary of Non-compliances will be completed. Items necessitating limitations to be placed on operations as well as comments and non compliances will be noted and published in the Helideck Limitations List (HLL).

Further information can be found on their website.

UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE)

The UK HSE publish several operations notices related to offshore operations which are listed below:

Operations Notice 3 – Liaison with other bodies

Operations Notice 6 – Reporting of offshore installation movements
Note: Operations Notice 6 also refers to Operations Notice 14 as follows:
Operations Notice 14 – Guidance on Coast Protection Act 1949 – consent to locate and the marking of offshore installations

Note: The Operations Notice 14 also refers to Operations Notice 39 as follows:
Operations Notice 39 - Offshore Installations and Pipeline Works (Management and Administration) Regulations 1995: Guidance on Identification of Offshore Installations.

Oil & Gas UK

The following Oil & Gas UK publications provide guidance and information of interest to offshore operators:

  • UKOOA – ERRVA Emergency Response & Rescue Vessel Management Guidelines A Joint Industry Guide Issue 3, September 2004
  • UKOOA – ERRVA Emergency Response & Rescue Vessel Survey Guidelines Issue 5  May 2008
  • UKOOA Guidelines for the Management of Offshore Helideck Operations Issue 5 February 2005
  • UKOOA Guidelines for Safety Related Telecommunication Systems on Fixed Offshore Installations Issue 1 August 2005
  • Oil & gas UK Emergency Locator Beacon and PPE Grab Handles Guidance for Offshore Rescue Crews Version 4 

More information can be found on the Oil & Gas UK Website