Offshore Communication Service

Offshore aeronautical radio stations, NDBs and their associated frequency assignments

An Offshore Communications Service (OCS), also known as Offshore Aeronautical Service, may be provided by aeronautical radio stations located on offshore fixed installations, offshore mobile installations, and vessels to helicopters.

Offshore Fixed and Mobile Installations, Emergency Rescue and Recovery Vessels (ERRVs), Supply and Support Vessels which have Aeronautical Radio Equipment and/or Aeronautical Non-Directional Radio Beacons installed on them and are operating in UK Internal Waters, UK Territorial Waters or within the limits of the UK Continental Shelf are required to hold valid Wireless Telegraphy (WT) Act Licences and Air Navigation Order (ANO) Approvals.

Aeronautical Radio Stations

This link provides information on offshore aeronautical radio stations and the associated frequency assignments.


Non-Directional Beacons (NDBs)

This link provides information on the offshore NDBs, the associated frequency assignments and the engineering requirements which need to be met in order to be granted an ANO approval.


Aeronautical VHF and NDB Frequency Assignments

This link provides information on the VHF and NDB frequency assignments for offshore fixed and mobile installations, and includes links to the UK AIP where more details are provided.


Training of Meteorological Observers for Offshore Installations

This link provides details of where further information can be found on the training of meteorological observers for offshore installations.


Offshore Radio Operator's Certificate of Competence

This link provides a statement for the need for an offshore radio operator's certificate of competence and a link to pages where more information can be found.


More Information

Information and links to Oil and Gas UK, HCA and UK HSE which may be of interest to offshore operators.