Infrastructure, Safeguarding & Public Safety Zones

The CAA's role relating to development and infrastructure at licensed aerodromes in the UK

Changes to (non-EASA) Aerodrome Infrastructure

To ensure that the CAA is satisfied that changes to the infrastructure of licensed aerodromes meet licensing criteria and do not present a safety hazard, prior approval of the CAA needs to be obtained.  

CAP 791 - Procedures for Changes to Aerodrome Infrastructure provides details and guidance on how to achieve this.

Further information on Airport Infrastructure Changes for UK Licensed aerodromes

Changes at EASA Certificated Aerodromes

Changes requiring prior approval by the Competent Authority need to be submitted to the CAA at least 30 days prior to the intended implementation date to give sufficient time for the assessment and approval processes. Failure to notify the CAA of changes requiring prior approval may leave the aerodrome vulnerable to costly remedial action or operational restrictions.

Further information on Changes at EASA Certificated Aerodromes

Aerodrome Safeguarding

This exists for those responsible for the safe operation of an aerodrome or a technical site.  The aim of the process is to provide notification of potential developments or construction within a specified area and to allow assessment of the potential impact. 

On 10 February 2003 the CAA ceased to be the contact point for safeguarding consultations and this responsibility transferred to aerodrome licence holders.

Guidance on CAA Planning Consultation Requirements.

CAP 738 Safeguarding of Aerodromes provides guidance on the safeguarding process.

Public Safety Zones (PSZs)

PSZs are areas of land at the end of runways established at the busiest airports in the UK, within which certain planning restrictions apply. These aim to control the number of people on the ground at risk in the unlikely event of an aircraft accident on take-off or landing. 

The Department for Transport (DfT) is responsible for PSZ policy.  The administration of PSZ policy is carried out by the CAA.  The CAA has, therefore, taken over responsibility for the implementation of new PSZs and the review and update of existing PSZs, as instructed by DfT. 

More information about Public Safety Zones

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