Instrument Flight Procedures

New policy and procedures for Instrument Flight Procedures

In April 2010 the CAA became the Regulator with respect to instrument flight procedures, setting the associated policy and issuing approvals to individuals and organisations for the purpose of designing Instrument Flight Procedures (IFP). The CAA IFP policy has been updated to reflect the CAA’s role as a Regulator of an independent third party procedure design industry, enacted by Article 176 of the Air Navigation Order 2009.

Our Responsibilities

We provide guidance, within the Regulatory Framework, for independent procedure designers and organisations to adhere to in CAP785 - Regulation of the Design of Instrument Flight Procedures for use in UK Airspace. Policy and guidance on designing in the UK is published in the Airspace Policy section of the CAA website. We will audit designs, procedure designers and design organisations to ensure that they maintain the highest standards to promote safe and flyable procedures. Only procedures that have met all the regulatory requirements will be notified in the UK Aeronautical Information Publication.

Service Commitment

Our service commitment to our customers is to provide a well-regulated environment for procedure designers and aerodromes and also to provide regulatory and practical advice on all aspects of procedure design. It is suggested that sponsors or possible sponsors of flight procedures contact us before commencement of any IFP project to obtain a full understanding of what is required of all parties involved in the process. Our customers include procedure designers, aerodrome operators, ANSPs, the Government, other departments of the CAA, ICAO, the EC, Eurocontrol and EASA, aircraft manufacturers, aviation engineers, aviation trade representatives and bodies, and the general public.

The CAA will continue to offer advice to aerodromes and operators on all aspects of Instrument Flight Procedures. Where the CAA is requested to design procedures for an aerodrome or sponsor, this activity will attract a cost and will be subject to contract with CAA International.

The CAA will continue to offer aerodromes a safeguarding assessment service with respect to IFPs whilst it retains all of the current information for the aerodrome in question and the associated IFP design drawings. Any safeguarding enquiries should be submitted to CAA International. Safeguarding enquiries will attract a standard charge of £400 (inc VAT) and applications should be submitted using the CAAi 4002 - Safeguarding Assessment Request.

Application to Become an Approved Procedure Designer

The requirements for approved procedures designers are set out in CAP 785 - Approval Requirements for Instrument Flight Procedures for Use in UK Airspace.  Having submitted the necessary evidence along with the application form (see link below), the application will be processed and, if our initial audit of the documentation is satisfactory, then a formal visit to ascertain that the requirements can be satisfied will be completed. Following a successful assessment, designers/organisations will be granted an approval to design IFPs for use in the UK FIR.

Approval of Instrument Flight Procedures

The requirements for approval of IFPs are set out in CAP 785 - Approval Requirements for Instrument Flight Procedures for Use in UK Airspace.  Having submitted the new design for approval, together with all supporting documentation, (see link below) the application will be processed.  Once the Controlled Airspace Section has confirmed that the new/revised design meets the requirements of CAP 785, the procedure will be forwarded to the sponsor for F933 action and NATS AIS will promulgate the procedure in the UK AIP.

Reference Material and Forms

DAP Policy Statement - Validation of Instrument Flight Procedures

CAA Official Record Series 5 - Instrument Procedure Designer & Instrument Flight Procedure Design Approval Charges

CAP 232 - Aerodrome Survey Requirements
CAP 785 - Regulation of the Design of Instrument Flight Procedures for use in UK Airspace
CAP 778 - Policy and Guidance for the Design and Operation of Departure Procedures in UK Airspace

DAP 1914   Application Form for Individual Designer Approval
DAP 1915   Application Form for Organisation Approval
DAP 1916   Notification of Proposed Design Activity
DAP 1917   Application for Approval of a PANS-OPS designed Instrument Flight Procedure

CAAi 4001   Instrument Flight Procedures - New Design/Change Request
CAAi 4002   Safeguarding Assessment Request

CAA Approved IFP Design Organisations/Designers

The following is an alphabetical list of design organisations or individual designers that have been approved by the CAA.  The list will be extended as further approvals are gained.

  • ASAP s.r.o.

  • Davidson Ltd
  • gCAP Limited
  • Jeppesen Airspace and Airport Services  

  • NATS (Services) Ltd

Contact Us

If you require further information about Instrument Flight Procedure Design you may contact Controlled Airspace as follows:

Post to: Controlled Airspace, DAP, CAA House, 45-59 Kingsway, London, WC2B 6TE
Telephone: 020 7453 6559
Fax: 020 7453 6565

All correspondence will be replied to within 5 working days of receipt.