Winter Operations

How the CAA works with industry to ensure safety during winter weather conditions

Poor weather in recent winters has caused numerous difficulties for UK airports and the people who use them.

The CAA works with stakeholders across the relevant sections of industry, notably aerodrome and aircraft operators, and air traffic control units to reduce the hazards from winter operations. The CAA also works with international groups and is an active member of the ICAO Friction Task Force.

Runway Contamination Assessment Trial 2012/2013

The trial finished on the 31 March 2013 and, due to the number of snow events, a large amount of data has been gathered.  The Winter Information Group, as sponsor of the trial, has examined all of the reports from airports, airline crews and ATCOs and published the report which can be read by following the link provided below.

This trial is another step in determining a method of providing operators with an estimate of braking action based upon factual runway conditions. The trial involved a reference table that allows aerodrome operators to report a qualitative estimated surface friction value based upon the depth, type of contaminant and ambient temperature.

Aerodrome Winter Wash Up Meetings

The purpose of these meetings is to facilitate discussion amongst industry stakeholders and between industry and the CAA with the aim of sharing lessons learned and suggesting improvements for future winter operations.