Dangerous Goods Training Approval Schemes for Non-Airline Companies

Guidance on getting CAA approval for a dangerous goods training programme

The quality of dangerous goods training programmes and their delivery are the subject of the training approval scheme. The scheme is managed by consultants on behalf of the CAA. The consultants are responsible for dealing with the training providers and instructors covered by the scheme.

The training programmes produced by the training providers require approval; each programme is evaluated by the consultants and once they are satisfied that it meets an acceptable standard, they will make a recommendation for the grant of a training approval. The approval is granted by the Dangerous Goods Office. Regular inspections are made of the programmes to ascertain that they continue to meet the standard.
CAA Publication CAP 483 – ‘Training in the Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air’ is a comprehensive source of information and provides guidance on the following topics:

Part A - Guidelines on Training for the Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air

  • International and National Requirements and Responsibilities
  • Approval of Training Programmes
  • Development of Training Programmes
  • Instructors
  • Training of Students
  • Keeping of Training Records
  • Reference Documents and Training Material

Part B - Guidance Notes on the Training Approval Scheme for the Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air

  • Approval of Training Programmes
  • Approval of Instructors
  • Training of Students
  • Appeals Procedure
  • Areas of Training and Objectives for Training Programmes
  • Examination Procedures
  • Overview of What/Who needs Training Approval

Types of approval and how to apply