Sending Dangerous Goods by Air

Information on items that cannot be sent by post and guidance on how to ship them

With few exceptions, it is forbidden to post dangerous goods to international destinations, no matter how they are going to be transported.

Lithium batteries may only be sent in the mail when contained in equipment such as laptop computers, tablets and mobile phones. The prohibition on uninstalled lithium batteries applies to all types, including lithium button and coin cells. Guidance on how to send lithium batteries contained in equipment is provided in the following video:

Posting lithium batteries in the mail

Some specific consumer products classified as dangerous goods may be sent by post within the UK, or to/from the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man, but there are conditions that apply:

  • quantity limits
  • how they are packed
  • how they are marked/labelled

These provisions apply to Royal Mail and Parcelforce Worldwide mail services only. For further information, go to or