Templates for Dangerous Goods Operations for EASA Aircraft Operators

Examples of templates of operations manuals for use by aircraft operators

The following are examples of templates of Operations Manuals for aircraft operators operating in accordance with the EASA Implementing Rules with and without approval to carry dangerous goods as cargo. Operators should use the template that is appropriate to their operation and complete it according to their company's procedures, instructions and policies. Once completed, the assigned Dangerous Goods Inspector will approve the Operations Manual.

Aircraft operators must obtain approval from the assigned Dangerous Goods Inspector prior to carrying dangerous goods.

These documents include track changes to show where changes have been made. You may need to adjust your track changes settings in order to view the document more clearly.

Operators not wishing to carry dangerous good still have responsibilities regarding training, manual entries, the display of dangerous goods warning notices at check-in desks etc. The oversight of such operators is the responsibility of either the assigned Flight Operations Inspector (Aeroplanes) or Flight Operations Inspector (Helicopters).