Aviation Statistics (AvStats) Project

Updates on the Aviation Statistics Project

In July 2014, a project called AvStats (Aviation Statistics) was launched which will deliver a revamped statistics system, replacing the current system that has been in operation since 1988.  This project will introduce streamlined business processes and new technologies which will mean some changes to the way that we collect and publish airport, airline and punctuality data in the future. We anticipate a number of benefits from the new AvStats system which will include faster turnaround times and the introduction of a self-service kiosk which will enable Users to extract customised reports on demand.

The Project Team will provide regular updates on the progress of the AvStats Project on this web page.

If you have any questions regarding the AvStats Project then please email us for more information (AvStats.Project@caa.co.uk). 

User Guides

We are making the User Guides for each form available on this web page. 

Eight are available below.  The remaining User Guides will be available in due course.


Airline - Monthly SectorAvailable for download
Airline - Monthly Point to PointAvailable for download
Airline - Quarterly Hours and FlightsAvailable for download
Airline - FleetAvailable for download
Airline - PersonnelAvailable for download
Airport - Air Transport MovementsAvailable for download
Airport - Summary Part 1Available for download
Airport - Summary Part 2Available for download
Airport - FinancialsBeing prepared
Airline - Fuel Consumption and TrafficBeing prepared
Airline - Financial AppropriationBeing prepared
Airline - Financial Balance SheetBeing prepared
Airline - Profit and LossBeing prepared


October 2015

CAA has provided an update on progress over the last month.    

08 September 2015

CAA has provided an update on progress over the last month.

05 August 2015

CAA has provided an update on progress over the last month.

03 August 2015

Please find links to view lists of Airports and Operators by five-digit CAA code. 

30 June 2015

There have been a few issues with the migration of the historical data which have mostly now been fully resolved that has affected the original timescales for production of the User Guides, development and testing of the new system. Our supplier, CGI, is continuing to develop AvStats on our behalf and alongside this we are reassessing the timetable for the go-live date for AvStats and the self-service kiosk. Thank you to all those that completed our Survey on reporting, we are currently analysing the results which will be used during the requirements gathering process for the reporting phase of the project. Once this work has been completed we will share any new significant dates with you.

26 May 2015

CAA has provided an update on progress over the last month.

30 April 2015

CAA has provided an update on progress over the last month.

27 March 2015

CAA has provided an update on progress over the last month.

27 February 2015

CAA has provided an update on progress over the last month.

11 February 2015

CAA has provided an update on progress over the last month. We are able to make the submission templates available and these can be accessed through the links below.

Airport Submissions

AirportATMnnnnnyyyymm.csv AirportATMnnnnnyyyymm.xlxs AirportATMSchemaFile.xsd 
has been emailed to interested suppliers
AirportSAMPart1nnnnnyyyymm.csvAirportSAMPart1nnnnnyyyymm.xlxsNot available
AirportSAMPart2nnnnnyyyymm.csvAirportSAMPart2nnnnnyyyymm.xlxsNot available
Not availableAirportFinancialsnnnnnyyyymm.xlxsNot available

Airline Monthly Submissions

AirlineSectornnnnnyyyymm.csv AirlineSectornnnnnyyyymm.xlxsAirlineOperationsSchemaFile.xsd 
has been emailed to interested suppliers
Airline PTPnnnnnyyyymm.csvAirline PTPnnnnnyyyymm.xlxsIncluded above

Airline Quarterly Submissions

AirlineQuarterlyHoursFlightsnnnnnyyyymm.csvAirlineQuarterlyHoursFlightsnnnnnyyyymm.xlxs      Not available
Not availableAirline Personnelnnnnnyyyymm.xlxsNot available
AirlineQuarterlyFleetnnnnnyyyymm.csv AirlineQuarterlyFleetnnnnnyyyymm.xlxs            AirlineQuarterlyFleetSchemaFile.xsd has been emailed to interested suppliers

Airline Annual Submissions  

Not available Airline Financial Appropriationnnnnnyyyy.xlxsNot available
Not availableAirline Financial Balance Sheetnnnnnyyyy.xlxsNot available
Not availableAirline Financial Profit Lossnnnnnyyyy.xlxs Not available
Not availableAirline Fuelnnnnnyyyy.xlxsNot available

19 December 2014

CAA has provided an update on progress over the last month. 

11 November 2014

CAA are currently working with CGI to finalise the Requirements and Design which includes the formats of the new data submission forms. We are anticipating that the new templates for data submission will be available in mid-December when they will be made available to all stakeholders.

10 October 2014

September has been a busy month with a total of 15 discovery sessions held with CGI, the developers, where we are working to confirm the business requirements of the new AvStats IT system. In parallel with these sessions, time has also been devoted to reviewing existing business processes to ensure that any change in technology will be accommodated with a refined set of operating procedures. We are working closely with CGI and will be in a position to share further technical details surrounding the AvStats development, specifically around new data submission formats, in the coming months.

In the meantime we will keep the FAQ updated and would be happy to respond to any more personalised queries that you may have relating to your own particular business requirements. In such cases please email AvStats.Project@caa.co.uk.

29 August 2014

The FAQ can now be found in the menu on the left of this webpage.

27 August 2014

The AvStats project is expected to be completed in autumn 2015. 

08 August 2014

An updated version of the FAQ is now available.