Doing Business with the CAA

Procurement and contracts

How we buy

The CAA, in common with other public sector organisations and bodies, is subject to the European Procurement Directives.  These govern the way that we purchase good and services.  The Directives apply in particular when the value of the items to be purchased is estimated to cost over EU threshold values.

Directive threshold values  vary from time to time and are usually reviewed and revised every two years. 

For CAA procurements valued at over the current threshold we will tender these by either advertising our requirements electronically in the European Journal – Tenders Electronic Daily’ (“TED”) or using the Government Procurement Service Frameworks (“GPS”).

For purchases that are under the Directive thresholds, we use various methods of procurement including, but not limited to; credit card payments, purchase orders, quotations, tenders and contracts. 

What we buy

The CAA Procurement team is responsible for purchasing all goods, services and works required for the business to conduct its activities internally and externally.

Please contact for further information.

Our ethical requirements for CAA employees

As a public and regulatory body the CAA has a standard set of requirements for employees to cover gifts and hospitality.

CAA employees may not accept a gift from or offer a gift to any person where the value of the gift exceeds £25 unless they have the specific written consent of their line manager.

CAA employees may not receive from, or offer to an individual, any hospitality in excess of £50 unless they have the written consent of their line manager.

Gifts or hospitality received by CAA employees, regardless of their value, have to be registered.

Our ethical requirements for CAA contractors

The CAA has a standard set of requirements for contractors working with the CAA in relation to hospitality and gifts. This states that a ‘contractor shall not receive or agree to receive from any person, or offer or agree to give to, or procure on behalf of any person in the employment of the CAA, any gift or consideration of any kind as an inducement or reward for doing or not doing anything, or for showing favour or disfavour to any person in connection with the contract.’

Any breach of this clause shall entitle the CAA to terminate the contract by immediate written notice and to recover any loss incurred and to recover from the contractor the value of the gift, consideration or inducement.

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