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Department for Transport

The Department for Transport (DfT) is the UK Government Department responsible for civil aviation. DfT is responsible for issues such as night curfews and environmental standards. Through DfT, with guidance from the CAA, the Government negotiates bilateral agreements allowing airlines to operate to and from the UK. DfT also provides the UK representation on many worldwide and European Working Groups such as the European Civil Aviation Conference.

Department for Transport (DfT)
Great Minster House
76 Marsham Street
Aviation Dept T: 020 7944 3387
F: 020 7944 5549

CAA International

CAA International Ltd (CAAi) is a wholly owned subsidiary company of the United Kingdom Civil Aviation Authority. Their primary objective is to provide independent expert advice to clients to enhance global aviation safety. The CAA International client base spans over 140 countries and includes aviation administrations, governments, commercial organisations and international funding agencies.

Further information can be found on the CAA International website

Air Safety Support International (ASSI)

ASSI is a wholly-owned subsidiary company of the United Kingdom Civil Aviation Authority.

Their responsibilities include:

  • production of the United Kingdom Overseas Territories Aviation Requirements and updates to relevant legislation
  • regular audit of the civil aviation safety regulatory activities of the Overseas Territories Departments of Civil Aviation
  • when and where designated by a Territory Governor, the safety regulation of all or part of the civil aviation in that Territory
  • management of our commercial aviation support services, including consultancy, training and international flight crew examinations
  • management of our international technical co-ordination function, including representation of the UK at appropriate international meetings

Further information can be found on the ASSI website.

The Airspace Safety Initiative (ASI)

ASI is a joint CAA, NATS, AOA, GA and MoD effort to investigate and tackle the major safety risks in UK airspace.

It emerged from a top-level discussion between the CAA Chairman, NATS Chief Executive and MoD Assistant Chief of the Air Staff following a number of incidents where light aircraft infringed controlled airspace, or military and commercial flights lost separation outside controlled airspace.

More information on the Airspace Safety Initiative

Air Accidents Investigation Branch

The Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB) reports to the Department for Transport. The AAIB investigates aircraft accidents within the UK and can also be involved in accidents involving UK registered aircraft abroad. It can also chose to investigate serious aviation incidents. It publishes monthly bulletins of accident reports and special one-off publications for serious incidents and accidents. 

UK Airprox Board

Airprox reported to the CAA are investigated by UK Airprox Board (UKAB). An Airprox is defined as a situation in which, in the opinion of a pilot or a controller, the distance between aircraft as well as their relative positions and speed have been such that the safety of the aircraft involved was or may have been compromised.

Initial reports of Airprox involving commercial air transport aircraft can be viewed on the CAA website.

UK Airprox Board
Building 89, First Floor
RAF Northolt
Ruislip, Middlesex
T: 0208 842 6051

European Aviation Safety Agency

The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) is a new arm of the European Union which has been given specific regulatory tasks in the field of aviation safety. Its establishment is key to the implementation of the European Union’s strategy to maintain and improve the level of aviation safety in Europe and beyond.

European Aviation Safety Agency
G-12 03/54
1049 Brussels
F: +32 (0)2 298 6649

National Air Traffic Services (NATS)

National Air Traffic Services (NATS) plans, provides and operates safe, efficient and expeditious air traffic services in UK and Shanwick airspace.

London Area Control Centre, Box 103
Sopwith Way
SO31 7AY

Aeronautical Information Service (AIS)

AIS collate and disseminate UK aeronautical information.

Heathrow House
Bath Road
T: 020 8750 3773/3774