Flight Information Service Officer (FISO) Licensing

This page provides information regarding Flight Information Service Officer (FISO) Licensing.

Applications for the grant of a Flight Information Service Officer’s Licence can be made on form SRG 1414 Flight Information Service Officer’s Licence Application. This form can also be used to apply for an initial FISO licence validity examination and to record examinations taken for the renewal of FISO competence.

In order to be granted a FISO Licence, you must be able to provide evidence that:

  • you are 18 years of age or over;
  • you have passed the written examinations in ‘Navigation and Meteorology’ and ‘Law and Procedures’;
  • you have passed the examination for the grant of an aeronautical radio station operator’s Certificate of Competence;
  • you have a valid medical declaration;
  • you have a thorough knowledge of the English language and are able to speak fluently without accent or impediment which would interfere with radio telephone conversation or hold an acceptable exempting qualification.

To obtain the medical declaration required in connection with the FISO licence, please complete and submit form SRG 1419 Flight information Service Officer Medical Declaration Pack, which includes guidance to qualified medical practitioners.


The charges for FISO licences can be found in the CAA’s Scheme of Charges, ORS5 No. 269 Personnel Licensing.

Further Information

CAP 1032 Aerodrome Flight Information Service Officer Licensing 
CAP 410 Manual of Flight Information Services Part A – General
CAP 410 Manual of Flight Information Services Part B – Aerodromes 

If you require any further information or if you have any questions or queries regarding your FISO licence or application for a FISO licence, you can contact the CAA at +44 (0) 1293 573700 or e-mail ats.licensing@caa.co.uk