Offshore Communication Service (OCS)

Guidance on applying for an OCS Radio Operator's Certificate

A Medical Certificate is not required to be held by a person acting as an OCS Radio operator.

Applying for an Offshore Radio Operator’s Certificate of Competence

Applications for the grant of an OCS Radio Station Operator’s Certificate should be made on form SRG 1413 Application for the Grant of an Offshore Communication Service (OCS) Radio Station Operator’s Certificate of Competence.


The charges for the grant of a Radio Operator’s Certificate can be found in the CAA’s Scheme of Charges, ORS5 No. 269 Personnel Licensing.

Further Information

CAP 452 Aeronautical Radio Station Operator's Guide is both a guide and reference document for persons who operate or wish to operate Aeronautical Radio Stations.

CAP 413 Radiotelephony Manual is the prime source of information on radiotelephony procedures and phraseology for all Air Traffic Services and ACGS.