EASA Licensing and Training Transition

EASA Information relating to Licensing and Training Standards Transition to EASA Regulations

The UK implemented the European Regulations for flight crew licensing on the 17 September 2012.

EASA Regulation

European Regulations (EU) 1178/2011 (amended  by  Regulation No 290/2012) for European pilot licences and the attached ratings and certificates became effective in April 2012.   

  • Aircrew Regulation 
    (click on the link, locate Regulation 1178/2011 in the table, select  the link in the fourth column to view the consolidated document)
  • Part-FCL AMC/GM  (Acceptable means of compliance and Guidance Material)
    (click on the link, go to Part-FCL and then select the 'Rule and Amendment' document) 
  • Part-MED AMC/GM (Acceptable means of compliance and Guidance Material)  
    (click on the link, go to Part-MED and then select the 'Rule and Amendment' document) 

Please Note: Details of the UK's key implementation dates, including when the UK CAA will commence issuing EASA licences and Medical Certificates can be found in the 'Quick Guide'

CAP 804 - Flight Crew Licensing: Mandatory Requirements, Policy & Guidance

CAP 804 is produced by the Licensing & Training Standards Division of the CAA.  It notifies the UK requirements for pilot licensing and is also a guide to the new European licensing requirements. CAP 804 became effective on 17 September 2012. LASORs has now been withdrawn.  Paper copies of CAP 804 in A5 format, with an amendment service, are available to purchase from TSO (The Stationery Office).

UK Guidance on the Transition to the EASA Regulation

Please see the Pilots section for:

  • Application process for conversion to an EASA Licence
  • Forms including Examiner forms
  • Standards Documents
  • Details on Licence issue and additional qualifications

The UK CAA has produced the following guidance on the transition to the EASA Aircrew Regulation:

New Licence Format

As a result of the adoption of EASA Part-FCL, the format of Flight Crew Licences has changed effective from 17 September 2012.

The following documents are extracts from CAP804, and provide a guide to the new licence layout and content:

The format of Examiner Certificates has also changed, effective from 17 September 2012.The following document is intended to provide a guide to the new layout and content.

UK Requirements published in 'Information Notices' & 'Aeronautical Information Circulars'

A number of Information Notices (INs) and Aeronautical Circulars (AICs) have been and will continue to be published with regard to the Transition; these can be found using the following links:

Information Notices
Aeronautical Information Circulars

Letter to Pilots

letter was sent to all Pilots in June 2011 (who held a current JAR-FCL Medical).