Runway Safety

This page details the CAA's working with industry to help reduce errors and misunderstandings that can result in a runway incursion.

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Analysis of UK and world wide data has identified runway incursions and runway excursions as significant safety risks to UK aviation.

Both runway incursions and runway excursions have many causal or contributing factors and reducing the risk involves a concerted effort from the aviation industry. Flight crew, Air Traffic Controllers and aerodrome operations personnel can all play a part in helping to reduce the human factor elements that contribute to an accident.

The CAA Safety Plan summarises the approach we and our industry partners are collectively taking to address both these important safety issues. The plan focuses on a proactive approach to safety and is outcome focussed with greater emphasis on measurable improvements to safety performance.

As part of the awareness campaign, a number of posters are available for display at aerodromes.

'Extra Vigilant' Poster, view in a new window 'Taxi Phase' Poster, view in a new window 'Too Close' Poster, view in a new window
'Dangerous Runways' Poster, view in a new window'Unclear Clearance' Poster, view in a new window'Final Approach' Poster, view in a new window'Ask for help' Poster, view in a new window

If you have any questions about the our initiatives to improve runway safety, please contact James Eales, Aerodrome Standards Specialist, by emailing

Runway Safety Conference Material

Runway Incursion Seminar November 2011 - Presentations

European Action Plan for the Prevention of Runway Incursions

The plan includes a large number of recommendations for aerodrome operators, air navigation service providers, aircraft operators and regulators. It also contains detailed guidance in the appendices including advice for Local Runway Safety Teams, airside vehicle driver training, best practice for flight crew and air traffic controllers and aerodrome design guidance for the prevention of runway incursions.

Download the Action Plan

Local Runway Safety Team Self-Audit Questionnaire

To assist Local Runway Safety Teams (LRST), the recommendations for aerodrome operators have been expanded into a set of self-audit questions. LRSTs may download the self audit questionaire to carry out a gap analysis of their aerodrome to identify areas that could be improved. An Action Plan can then be produced to address any identified weak areas.

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