How does the small print affect you?

Things to look out for in the small print when you book a flight

Terms and conditions are attached to almost everything; invoices, press advertisements, credit cards and bills, just to name a few.

When you book your flights for your holiday or business trip, your terms and conditions will outline your obligations and the airline’s obligations, and you agree to abide by them when you purchase your ticket.

There are a lot of things to consider when booking such as; how much hand luggage allowance do I have? Do I need extra luggage allowance? How do I book special assistance? Can I fly if I am pregnant? What will happen if my flight is delayed or cancelled?

Information from the airline on these issues is often buried in the terms and conditions and what you are looking for will not always be easy to find. The terms and conditions will not necessarily give you all the information you need as much of it may be set out elsewhere on the website.

We have reviewed the websites and the terms and conditions of the top twenty airlines that fly in and out of the UK. Based on this, we have come up with the top ten things to consider before you book your holiday. Click on the links below for more information.

Top ten things to consider before you book your holiday


1) Check in timesHow many ways are there to check in? How long do I need to leave before my departure time?

2) Baggage allowance: Is this included in my ticket price? Does the allowance include my mobility aid?



3) Delays and cancellations: What are my rights? What does the airline have to provide me if I am delayed or my flight is cancelled?

4) Medical Advice: Special assistance and expectant mothers



5) Cancellation and amendment times: Do I have to pay extra to make changes to my booking? Can I get a refund if I have to cancel my booking?

6) Do I have to use my ticket in the sequence that I have booked? What if I miss my outbound flight?



7) Add ons and Extras: What else do I have to pay?

8) What if my flight is not with the company I booked with, but with another airline?



9) The price you pay: Does my air fare include all taxes, fees and charges?

10) What happens to my personal information that I give to the airline? How can I find out about this?