Travelling to the Airport

Planning your journey and checking in on time.

Check your journey time and the weather

Check how long it will take you to get to the airport and check the journey times of any connecting trains, buses and tubes.

Check with your airline that your flight is happening

Look on the airline's website to see any updates on the flight. You might want to check-in online to save time at the airport. It may help if the airline or tour operator has your mobile number and email address in case they need to contact you.

Double check the time of your flight

Double check the time of the flight. Be careful that you don't get the check-in and flight times mixed up. Or the flight departure and arrival times mixed up. And remember that times may be on the 24 hour clock.

Catching the flight is your responsibility

If you miss the flight you are booked on because you are running late, the airline has no duty to move you to another flight unless you have a flexible ticket. You may have to pay for another ticket, and the cost may be more than the price you paid for your original ticket. You should check your airline's check-in deadlines, the amount of time you may need to get through security and what time the gate closes before the flight leaves.