Health Advice

Guidance to consider before you travel

Certain medical conditions may be affected by flying. It is worth considering whether flying may have any risks to your health or whether you are fit to fly.

Before your trip, consider any potential health risks for the country you are going to. Travel advice on visiting different countries is available from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

Health advice for travellers has also been published by The Department of Health.

A book on health advice for travellers, including information on travelling by air, can be downloaded from the The World Health Organisation.

In-flight medical problems

If your flight is diverted due to you being taken ill on board the plane, the airline is not responsible for the costs of any medical treatment or assistance you need or for getting you home. However, the airline may be able to offer assistance once you are fit to travel and you should always contact them to see if they can help. You will need to check your travel insurance policy to see if you will be able to claim under that.

The CAA Aviation Health Unit has published a series of frequently asked questions (FAQs) relating to passenger health.

Falling ill while you are away

If you fall ill while you are away, you may not be able to fly home on your booked flight.

You will need to think about whether you should be travelling. Please take a look at our Am I Fit to Fly? page.

You may need to claim for medical care on your travel insurance, or if in Europe, use your European Health Insurance Card for free or reduced cost medical care.