Airline Ticket Agents

Information about Airline Ticket Agents

Airline ticket agents are not required to hold an ATOL - A person or business can act as an airline ticketing agent if they meet all of the conditions listed below.

• They have been appointed by an airline as that airline’s agent to sell seats on that airline’s services;
• They have entered into a written agreement entitling them to supply confirmed tickets for travel on the airline’s services which will enable the ticket holders to be carried in those services without the ticket holders being required to make any further payment*;
• They act in full accordance with the written agreement;
• They are dealing directly with the consumer, not with another agent or travel business;
• They issue the confirmed ticket directly to the consumer in immediate exchange for the first payment accepted for the tickets either from the consumer or from another person (not another agent or travel business) paying on the consumer’s behalf;
• They have not accepted a booking from the consumer for either overseas accommodation or overseas car hire in combination with the flight ticket booking (a ‘Flight-Plus’);
• They are not providing the ticket as part of a package

*IATA accredited agents are exempted from the written agreement condition provided that they have the airline’s ticketing authority and acts in accordance with IATA rules.