Human Factors

Welcome to CAA Human Factors

Welcome to Human Factors

Human Factors (HF) and our understanding of its effects on safety performance continue to evolve and develop.

In order to reduce HF risks in aviation safety we must influence attitudes and behaviours while embedding HF thinking into everything we do.

By taking this approach we aim to improve aviation safety and keep the interest of the consumer at the heart of our work. 









Human Factors Strategy and Action Plan

We are pleased to announce the release of our strategy for Human Factors in civil aviation and the supporting action plan. The strategy sets out our aims and objectives to improve HF awareness as part of our move towards performance based oversight.  

Read the Strategy

Read the Action Plan

Read the consultation response (.pdf) 







Flight Crew handbook and training videos

66% of fatal accidents worldwide include flight handling issues with 28% caused by innapropriate action by flight crew.

The Flight Crew human factors handbook (CAP 737) is aimed at those involved in putting together an operator's CRM programme. It has been completely updated in response to commercial air traffic needs identified by the Crew Resource Advisory Panel to give moew focussed and applied practical CRM training guidance.

The handbook is supported by three training videos.


The CAA, with assistance from industry, has released templates based on the bowtie barrier risk model that cover HF issues and the Significant 7.

Take a look at the detailed guidance material and bowtie model browser

The generic HF template can be found under section 8.1.

Your feedback

If you have any feedback to give on the strategy or anything relating to Human Factors in aviation please contact us at