The required examiner briefing delivered by the UK CAA to meet the requirement of Commission Regulation (EU) No 1178/2011 Part FCL.1015(c)(2)

Briefing of non UK Examiners

Annex I to the European Aircrew Regulation, FCL.1015(c) requires all non-UK examiners wishing to conduct skill tests (ST), proficiency checks (PC) or Assessments of Competence (AC) on UK licence holders to inform the UK CAA of their intention to conduct such an event, provide evidence of their privileges as examiners and to receive a briefing from the UK CAA on national administrative procedures, requirements for protection of personal data, liability, accident insurance and fees.

The UK CAA Examiner briefing required by FCL.1015(c)(2) is web based.   To register now to receive the briefing please use the following to register on line.  The briefing will be available to view from the 1 October 2012.

For further details of the briefing and how compliance with FCL.1015(c) will be managed please read Information Notice IN-2012/153.

Forms for Examiners

Examiner Refresher Seminars

Following implementation of Part-FCL, examiner refresher seminars will be required for all categories of examiners. All categories of examiner who require revalidation or renewal of their examiner certificate after the 17 November 2012 will have to have attended an examiner refresher seminar during the last year of their examiner certificate validity period.

CAA  Seminars

CAA Flight Operations Advanced Pilot Performance (formally FCS) will be conducting seminars for:

  •  Type Rating and Synthetic Flight Examiners (TRE/SFE) Aeroplanes on the following date
    •  16 April 2014                    

For more information and details of how to book please read the following Information Notices:  IN-2012/123 and
IN-2014/038.        Telephone:  01293 57 3500

  • Senior Examiner Seminars (Single Pilot Aeroplanes) on the following date:
    • 26 March 2014 

For more information and details of how book please read the following information Notice: IN-2014/016

Industry  Seminars

Please see the list of Approved Training Organisation conducting   Flight Examiner Refresher Seminars