The required examiner briefing delivered by the UK CAA to meet the requirement of Commission Regulation (EU) No 1178/2011 Part FCL.1015(c)(2)

Examiners holding Part-FCL certificates issued by countries other than the United Kingdom

With the amendment of European Regulation (EU) 1178/2011 by Regulation (EU) 245/2014, (‘the Aircrew Regulation’) the rules concerning an examiner licensed by one EASA Member State testing a pilot who is applying for, or holds a licence from another Member have changed.  Most significantly the previous requirement to obtain a briefing from the Competent Authority of the candidate/applicant has been replaced by a requirement for the examiner to review and implement the written material supplied by that country, which is published by EASA on its website.   The examiner briefing specified by the original text of FCL.1015(c)(2) is no longer required.

The new pre-test requirement is to study the information that is published by EASA as the 'Examiner Differences Document'. This may be found on the EASA website.

The 'Examiner Differences Document' contains material written by EASA that is common to all Member States, followed by additional material produced by each country to address their local administrative and operational procedures. As the listing is in alphabetical order, the UK information is towards the end of the document. Non-UK examiners intending to test pilots who hold (or will apply for) licences and ratings issued by the UK CAA must review and comply with the EASA common information and the additional material specified by the UK CAA given in the Examiner Differences Document. Subsequent to the test, proficiency check, or assessment of competence the examiner must make a declaration that he complied with the material contained in the Examiner Differences Document when conducting the test.

 Forms for Examiners

Examiner Refresher Seminars

Following implementation of Part-FCL, examiner refresher seminars will be required for all categories of examiners. All categories of examiner who require revalidation or renewal of their examiner certificate after the 17 November 2012 will have to have attended an examiner refresher seminar during the last year of their examiner certificate validity period.

CAA Seminars

CAA Flight Operations Advanced Pilot Performance (formally FCS) will be conducting seminars for:

Type Rating and Synthetic Flight Examiners (TRE/SFE) Aeroplanes
None planned at present

For more information please read the following Information Notices:

Senior Examiner Seminars (Single Pilot Aeroplanes) on the following dates:
29 October 2015
21 April 2016

For more information and/or to reserve a place on this seminar please see Information Notice IN-2015/079.

Please see the list of Approved Courses of Flight and Ground Training Organisation conducting Flight Examiner Refresher Seminars.