This page provides guidance and links to Safety Requirements for Air Traffic Service (ATS) Providers and Aerodrome Licence Holders wishing to implement Lower than Standard CAT I, Other Than Standard CAT II or Enhanced Vision Systems (EVS) Operations.

The regulations that govern Commercial Air Transport (CAT) Operations in Europe are contained in European Union Commission Regulation (EC) No. 859/2008, commonly known as EU-OPS.

EU OPS Annex III OPS 1 Commercial Air Transportation (Aeroplanes), Subpart E All Weather Operations, Appendix 1 (New) introduces the following concepts:

Lower than Standard Category I Approach Operations

Other than Standard Category II Approach Operations

Enhanced Vision Systems (EVS)



EU-OPS also details a different method of calculating Aerodrome Operating Minima as of 16 July 2011 for all EU-OPS Commercial Air Transport (CAT) operators.  Details of the difference can be found in CAA Safety Notice 2011-003 Aerodrome Operating Minima.  Further details on calculating the Aerodrome Operating Minima can be found in the United Kingdom Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP) AD 1.1.2 Aerodrome Operating Minima. The content can be found in AD 1-1 Aerodrome/Heliport Availability.

Submission of Documentation

The ATS provider and Aerodrome Licence Holder will need to liaise with each other to ensure that all the relevant requirements of their intended operations are met.

Air Traffic Service Providers shall submit any ATS related Safety Documentation via the appropriate Regional Managers of the Air Traffic Standards Division.  This would usually consist of the Safety Case and any supporting documentation.

An Aerodrome Licence Holder shall submit any Aerodrome related Safety Documentation via the appropriate Aerodrome Inspector of the Aerodrome Standards Department.  This would normally consist of changes to the Aerodrome Manual.