Aeronautical Radio Stations

This page provides information on offshore radio stations and their associated frequency assignments.

The VHF aeronautical radio equipment at offshore aeronautical radio stations may comprise fixed, mobile and portable units, according to the environment in which they are to be used.  Helideck Landing Officers (HLOs) and Helideck Assistants would have portable or hand-held radios, whereas the radio operator on board a vessel or offshore installation would have one or more mobile (desktop) or fixed (rack mounted) radios in addition to emergency portable or hand-held radios depending on the number of aeronautical frequencies that need to be monitored at the same time.

VHF frequency assignments for offshore aeronautical radio stations are generally protected within their Designated Operational Coverage (DOC) from co-channel and adjacent channel interference when they are used for Traffic or Traffic / Logistics communications.  Frequencies for Logistics communications are assigned on a non-protected basis in a similar manner to OPC assignments.  Some sharing may be necessary or limited co-channel or adjacent channel interference may have to be tolerated.