Approved Air Traffic Control Training Courses provided by Global Aviation Training Services (ATS) Ltd

Guidance for Air Traffic Personnel

Global Aviation Training Services (ATS) Ltd (Gloucestershire Airport) is approved by the CAA to provide the following air traffic control training courses:
  • Basic Course
  • Aerodrome Control Instrument (ADI) rating course
  • Approach Control Procedural (APP) rating course
  • Approach Control Surveillance (APS) rating course
  • On the Job Training Instructor (OJTI) training course
  • ATC Competency Examiner course
    College Assessor and Verifier course
  • Unit Assessor and Verifier course
  • Global Aviation Training Services (ATS) Ltd is approved to assess English Language Proficiency for Air Traffic Controllers at all levels of the ICAO language proficiency rating scale.
  • Upon successful completion of this course the Rater will be able to assess at all levels of English Language proficiency for Air Traffic Controllers in accordance with the ICAO language proficiency rating Scale.