Certification and Designation

In accordance with EU (EASA related) legislation, in particular 1035/2011, Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) are required to obtain a certificate and be designated in order to provide air navigation services.

For CNS/ATM providers, Designation only applies if bundled with ATC and AFIS services.

Designation does not apply to Non-ATS Providers classified as CNS/ATM providers.

The SES legislation introduces two tiers of regulation for ANSPs:

  • the certificate, or entry ticket, which confirms the provider's implementation of safety, financial, security and quality management measures; and
  • designation, which formally nominates an ANSP to provide services at a specified location.

Further information regarding Certification and Designation can be found on the CAA’s Single European Sky web pages.

Certification of CNS Providers

Providers of any of the services defined as Communications, Navigation and Surveillance may be required to hold a Certificate in accordance with Regulation (EC) No. 554/2004 on the provision of air navigation services in the Single European Sky.

Information regarding Certification can be found on the CAA's Certification and Designation web pages.