Apply for a Permission for an Unmanned Aircraft (UAS)

Information for operators

If you need a permission, the following points are relevant: ·

  • CAP 722, Section 2, details the sort of information that is needed to be provided when you apply for a permission.
  • The application form (SRG 1320) needs to be completed - which also contains a link to the CAA’s Scheme of Charges. The charge depends on the mass of the aircraft with 7 kg or less being a lower charge than 7 kg-20 kg.

The CAA Permission needs to be renewed every 12 months (this is the same as for any other type of permission that the CAA grants). With regard to pilot qualifications, in order to grant a permission, some proof of the pilot’s overall airmanship skills and awareness and his/her ability to operate the aircraft safely will be required – this is not a ‘Civil Pilots Licence’, but it is an independent assessment of an individual’s knowledge and operating capabilities and is also a means for the CAA to ensure that everyone has at least the same basic knowledge.

CAA approved NQEs (as at 24 November 2015):


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