AME Certification and Training

The AME Certification Policy, details on available training courses and an online application form can be found on this page.

Aeromedical Examiner Initial Certification:

Aviation Medicine Training
In UK, Basic and Advanced Aviation Medicine Training courses are available at King's College and details can be found on their website.  Please check the CAA’s Policy for the Certification of AMEs for details on the minimum requirements you need to meet before applying.

Application Form for Initial AME Certification
Once the required training has been completed, an application form can be sent with the relevant documentation to the CAA Medical Department.

Charges payable 
Charges payable to the CAA are detailed from page 37 of ORS 5 No 299 CAA Scheme of Charges (Personnel Licensing)

AME Online
AMEs are required to submit medicals electronically via the CAA Medical Department AME Online system.

AME Equipment and Premises
All AMEs are required to have the necessary equipment and procedures in place to undertake Aeromedical examinations. This form must be completed for each new AME Premises.

Aeromedical Refresher Training
To maintain certification, AMEs are required to undertake a minimum of 20 hours of acceptable Aeromedical Refresher Training during a 3 year certification period, of which 6 hours must be under the supervision of the CAA.

AME Annual Return
Submission of an AME Return to the CAA is required on an annual basis.   

Minimum Number of Aeromedical Examinations
To maintain certification, AMEs must undertake a minimum of 10 Aeromedical examinations every year.

Audit Visits
AME Practices are subject to Audit Visits by the CAA.

Review of AME Certification
This policy is currently under review and will be published shortly.

Terms and Conditions
AMEs are required to comply with the Terms and Conditions for AMEs