AME Online

Information on set-up, downloadable user manual, terms & conditions, downtime arrangements.

All newly approved doctors are expected to load their medicals online directly onto our Medical Administration Records System (MARS).  Below are a number of downloadable documents which will assist.

Technical Specification - lists the basic software/hardware requirements required to be able to use the Online system

Terms and Conditions - full terms and conditions must be accepted by ALL AME Online users before they can proceed with using the system.

CAA Approved Interpretative Software for ECG Machines - gives you details on acceptable software for computer reading of ECGs, when loading online.

AME Online User manual - this takes you through the whole process, from checking you have the required equipment to printing off a medical certificate.  If you require a copy of the manual you will need to contact the AME Online or email

AME Online User Policy - Details on who can have access to AME Online, as well as the procedure for AMEs wishing to “locum” at another practice.

AME Online Downtime policy - occasionally there will be a need to close AME Online down for maintenance or system enhancements.  this document covers the procedures to be followed under circumstances of "notified", as well as "unexpected" downtime.

There is a regular schedule of maintenance windows which our IT Department have predetermined, so users should be aware that some Sundays will have restricted use.  Notifications will be sent out at the beginning of the week prior to any scheduled downtime, as well as on the Friday before.