Forthcoming Events

List of regularly held meetings and conferences for aeromedical specialists

Below are details of various meetings that are held throughout the aviation-medicine industry.  Clicking on the heading will take you to information on date, venue and organiser contact details.

CAA Symposium/AME Seminars                                           

AAME Conference                                 

SAAME Conference                              

The symposium is held tri-annually and is generally held at Aviation House, Gatwick.  The AME Seminars are held 3 or 4 times a year throughout the UK.

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The Association of Aviation Medical Examiners holds its Conference annually, usually around April time.  All AMEs are welcome to join the Association and attend the conferences

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The Scottish Association of Aviation Medical Examiners also hold an annual conference, usually around March time.

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AsMA Scientific Meeting

IAASM Conference

AMSANZ Annual Scientific Meeting

The Aerospace Medical Association's Scientific Meeting is held annually, generally in the spring and usually in some part of the United States.

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The International Association of Aviation and Space Medicine Conference (known as ICASM) is held annually.  Conferences take place in various parts of the world, generally around September time.

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The Aviation Medical Society - New Zealand hold an annual scientific meeting.  (There is also a link from this page to the Australasian Society of Aerospace Medicine website.)

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Other meetings/conferences

From time to time we receive notification of other items that may be of interest to our Aeromedical Examiners.

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