AME Area

List of Medical forms for download


The following documents are in PDF format for AMEs to download.  Some of these forms are available under the "Documents for Download" section and you may wish to point your applicants to that area for the full list of documents available to them.


Med 160 - Application for a Medical certifcate (Including instructions for completion) (PDF 244Kb)  Jul 2015 
Med 161 - Medical Examination form (Including instructions for completion) (PDF 56Kb)  Sep 2012
Med 162 - Eye examination form (Including instructions for completion) (PDF 46Kb)  Sep 2012
Med 163 - ENT form (Including instructions for completion) (PDF 49Kb)  Sep 2012
EASA 147 - Medical Certificate (PDF 1.3Mb)  Sep 2012 (updated to online form May 2014) 
LAPL Application form - (PDF 548Kb)  Jul 2015 
LAPL GP Assessment Form - (PDF 977Kb)  May 2014 


Euro3Med 160 - Application for medical certificate (PDF 109.56Kb)  Sep 2009
Euro3Med 161 - Medical Examination form (PDF 106.73Kb)  Sep 2009 
Euro3Med 162 - Comprehensive eye examination form (PDF 90.37Kb)  Sep 2009 
Euro3Med 164 - European Class 3 medical certificate (PDF 52.67Kb)  Sep 2009 
Euro3Med 165 - European Class 3 denial form (PDF 29.68Kb)  Sep 2009 

UK Certification

MED46 form (PDF 208.73Kb)  Jul 2008 
UK Medical Certificate (PDF 30.79Kb)  Jan 2008 

ECG reporting

Med108 - ECG reporting form (PDF 528Kb)  May 2013 

Specialist Referral

Referral to AeMC Specialist form (PDF 743Kb) Oct 2013
Instructions for AMEs Referring to AeMC Specialist (PDF 729Kb) Sep 2013