Ground Handling Operations Safety Team (GHOST)

Ground handling safety information.

What is GHOST?

 The Ground Handling Operations Safety Team (GHOST) is a multi-disciplined Civil Aviation Authority (CAA)/Industry group set up to address / share the learning from ground handling issues with the aim of improving safety.

Specific topics are identified using Mandatory Occurrence Reporting (MOR) data, intelligence, and feedback from members.

The group agree approaches which could be in the form of a new high profile initiative or project, or providing clarity or enhanced guidance to an existing regulation, policy or procedure. 

Ground Handling

The CAA has identified ground handling in its Safety Plan as one of the ‘Significant Seven’ - the main seven areas of risk in the UK Aviation sector. GHOST is made up of a main group which develops strategies to mitigate the safety risks from ground handling and supports activities in the UK and elsewhere. There are also two subgroups, one addressing loading errors and one overseeing ‘capability issues’ and human performance


Focus areas

The CAA’s Safety Review Board monitors the work of GHOST to ensure that the actions being delivered are the ones that address the biggest risks.

Based on assessment of risk factors, the GHOST priorities for this year are:

1) Reducing  the numbers and severity of loading errors

More information about this work and the Aircraft Loading Subgroup

2) Encouraging open reporting of safety events

Use the links below to see when a report should be made through the MOR Scheme:

For more on this work stream see the Human Factors Subgroup


GHOST has fifty members, representing a healthy cross-section of the ground handling community, including regulators; AOC holders; aerodrome licence holders; and ground service providers.

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