Type B Operating Licence Holders

On this page you will find a list Type B Operating Licence Holders

The following companies hold Type B Operating Licences - that is, they are permitted to carry passengers, cargo and mail on aircraft with fewer than 20 seats and/or weighing less than 10 tonnes. Some may be restricted to carrying cargo only.

Acropolis Aviation Ltd

AH Helicopters Ltd

Air Charter Scotland Ltd

Air Medical Ltd

Apem Aviation Ltd

Apollo Air Services Ltd

Arena Aviation Ltd

Atlas Helicopters Ltd

AV8 Helicopters Ltd

BIH (Onshore) Ltd

Blink Limited

Blu Halkin Ltd

Bond Air Services Ltd

Bond Offshore Helicopters Ltd

Bookajet Ltd

Bristol Flying Centre Ltd t/a Centreline Air Charter

British International Helicopter Services Ltd

Capital Air Charter Ltd

Capital Air Services Ltd

Cardinal Helicopter Services Ltd

Castle Air Ltd

Central Helicopters Ltd

CHC Scotia Ltd

Cheshire Flying Services Ltd t/a Ravenair

Cobham Flight Inspection Ltd

Corporate Jet Management Ltd

Cutting Edge Helicopters Ltd

Devon Air Ambulance Trading Company Ltd

Diamond Executive Aviation Ltd

Directflight Ltd

DO Systems Ltd

Dragonfly Aviation Services Ltd

Eagle European Ltd

EBG Helicopters Ltd

Excel Charter Ltd

Execujet (UK) Ltd

Executive Aviation Services Ltd

Executive Jet Charter Ltd

FB Heliservices Ltd

Finesse Executive Ltd

Flairjet Ltd

Fly Heli Wales Ltd

Fly Vectra Ltd

FR Aviation Ltd

Gama Aviation Ltd

Hangar 8 AOC Ltd

Haverfordwest Air Charter Services Ltd

Hebridean Air Services Ltd

Heli Air Ltd

Heli Charter Ltd

Helicentre Aviation Ltd

HH Helicopters Ltd

Hield R.C. t/as Hields Aviation

IAS Medical Ltd

Interflight (Air Charter) Ltd

Isles Of Scilly Skybus Ltd

Kingmoor Aviation Ltd t/a Helicentre Liverpool

Loch Lomond Seaplanes Ltd

London Executive Aviation Ltd

London's Air Ambulance Ltd

Looporder Ltd t/a East Midlands Helicopters

Lydd Air Ltd

Multiflight Ltd

Newcastle Aviation Ltd

North Wales Air Academy Ltd

Northumbria Helicopters Ltd

Pen-Avia Ltd

Phoenix Helicopter Academy Ltd

PLM Dollar Group Ltd t/a PDG Helicopters

Polo Aviation Ltd

Rise Aviation Ltd

SaxonAir Charter Ltd

Sloane Helicopters Ltd

Solent Helicopters Ltd  t/a Elite Helicopters

Sovereign Business Jets Ltd

Specialist Aviation Services Ltd

Starspeed Ltd

Synergy Aviation Ltd

Triair (Bermuda) Ltd

Un Pied Sur Terre Ltd t/a Whizzard Helicopters

V21 Ltd t/a Helicopter Services


VVB Aviation Charter Services Ltd

Woodgate Aviation (NI) Ltd

Xclusive Jet Charter Ltd

Yorkshire Air Ambulance Ltd

Zenith Aviation Ltd

Zephyr Aviation Ltd