RFFS Toolkit

This Toolkit page provides links to information to promote and develop best practice within the Rescue and Fire Fighting Service.

The information should not be seen as CAA policy, requirements or guidance, which are normally communicated by Civil Aviation Publications (CAPs) or Information Notice.

It is intended that the following will be available on this site as they are developed:

  • Information Papers
  • General Information

If you have any comments or questions regarding the above, please contact the Aerodrome Standards RFFS Specialist via email on aerodromes@caa.co.uk.

Information Paper IP-1 - Incident Command - information on the application of the Incident Command System at aerodromes and aircraft incidents

Information Paper IP-2 - Frameworks for Structured Learning Programmes - frameworks for Training Providers who wish to provide Structured Learning Programmes for RFFS Personnel

Information Paper IP-3 - Rescue and Fire Fighting Service Vehicle Driving - information on RFFS Emergency Response Vehicle Driving

Information Paper IP - 4 - Task and Resource Analysis - This guidance describes the stages that should be considered in carrying out a Task and Resource Analysis (TRA) to establish justification as to the minimum number of qualified/competent personnel required to deliver an effective Airport Rescue and Fire fighting Service (RFFS) to deal with an aircraft incident/accident.

Information Paper IP-6 - Foam and the Environment - information for purchasers of fire fighting foam on the effects on the environment

Information Paper IP-7 - Mutal Aid - information on the issues to be considered in mutual aid arrangements and emergency planning (civil contingencies)

Information Paper IP-11 - Oversight of Training Providers

Reference and Guidance for Personnel at Special Category Aerodromes - Initial Emergency Response Training Framework Document