What is an ELA Aircraft?

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Your aircraft meets the ELA1 criteria if it is:

  • an aeroplane, sailplane or powered sailplane with a Maximum Take Off Mass (MTOM) less than 1200 kg that is not classified as a complex motor-powered aircraft;
  • a balloon with a maximum design lifting gas or hot air volume of not more than 3400 m3 for hot air balloons, 1050 m3 for gas balloons, 300 m3 for tethered gas balloons; or
  • an airship designed for not more than two occupants and a maximum design lifting gas of hot air volume of not more than 2500 m3 for hot air airships and 1000 m3 for gas airships.

What does this mean for aircraft owners/operators?

You can take your aircraft to a Licensed Aircraft Engineer (LAE) who has been approved by the CAA to carry out Airworthiness Reviews. The approved LAE can only conduct an Airworthiness renewal for aircraft types for which the LAE holds a valid Part 66 licence.

They will conduct the Airworthiness Review in accordance with M.A.710. You, as the aircraft owner/operator/lessee, will be required to complete the online recommendation for the issue of an Airworthiness Review certificate (ARC).

The application will then be processed and a new ARC will be sent to the address provided.

Can I do this every year?

Recommendations for individual aircraft can be made by an LAE for two consecutive years, after which the next ARC issue must be performed by a suitably approved (Part M Subpart G with ARC privileges) CAMO or by the CAA.



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