Recommending the Issue of an ARC on an ELA1 Non-Commercial Air Transport Aircraft

ELA1 ARC Recommendations

Once approved, a Licensed Aircraft Engineer (LAE) may make a recommendation to the CAA, for the re-issue of an ARC for an ELA1 category aircraft, based on the satisfactory completion of an Airworthiness Review. Recommendations for individual aircraft can be made for two consecutive years, after which the next ARC issue must be performed by a suitably approved (Part M Subpart G with ARC privileges) CAMO.


  • An Airworthiness Review is carried out in accordance with the requirements of Part M M.A.710.
  • Complete form SRG 1712 recommendation for the issue of an ARC. Please note that the owner/operator/lessee must sign the form SRG 1712 as well as the approved LAE.
  • Your application will then be assessed.
  • Once the application has been confirmed as correct, Applications and Approvals will issue a new ARC.

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