Applying for ELA Approval

Information on how to apply for the issue or renewal of an ELA Approval

The approval is limited to the ELA1 aircraft types for which the LAE holds a valid Part 66 licence.

Initial approval

  • Applications and Approvals will acknowledge receipt of your application. Your application will be passed to a Regional Office near you. You will then be advised to contact the Regional Office to arrange an assessment.
  • On satisfactory completion of an Airworthiness Review (under supervision) the Regional Office surveyor will make a recommendation to Applications and Approvals to issue the approval.
  • Your approval document will then be issued and will be valid for two years.

Once approved, the LAE may make recommendations to the CAA for the re-issue of an ARC for an ELA1 category aircraft, based on the satisfactory completion of an Airworthiness Review. Recommendations for individual aircraft can be made for two consecutive years, after which the next ARC issue must be performed by a suitably approved (Part M Subpart G with ARC privileges) CAMO.

Approval Renewal

The initial approval will be valid for 2 years, after which time it will be necessary to apply for the renewal.

  • Send to Applications and Approvals along with the appropriate fee in accordance with the CAA Scheme of Charges.
  • The CAA will verify that the qualifying criteria for renewal are met.
  • An approval document will be issued for a further two years.

Note: The holder of the approval may only exercise the privileges of the approval when the holders Part 66 licence is valid in accordance with Part 66.A.20(b).

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