ELA1 Aircraft

European Light Aircraft

European Light Aircraft (ELA 1) aircraft are:

  • an aeroplane, sailplane or powered sail plane with a Maximum Take Off Mass (MTOM) less than 1200 kg that is not classified as a complex motor-powered aircraft;
  • a balloon with a maximum design lifting gas or hot air volume of not more than 3400 m3 for hot air balloons, 1050 m3 for gas balloons, 300 m3 for tethered gas balloons; or
  • an airship designed for not more than two occupants and a maximum design lifting gas of hot air volume of not more than 2500 m3 for hot air airships and 1000 m3 for gas airships.



Part M Subpart I M.A.901(g) enables suitably approved UK Part 66 Licensed Aircraft Engineers (LAE) to recommend to the CAA, the re-issue of an Airworthiness Review Certificate (ARC) on ELA1 aircraft, not used for commercial air transport, when approved to do so by the CAA.

Please Note:

Recommendations for individual aircraft can only be made by an ELA1 approved engineer for two consecutive years, after which the next ARC issue must be performed by a suitably approved (Part M Subpart G with ARC privileges) CAMO.

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