ARC Online FAQs

Frequently asked questions on the ARC online facility

1. Who can use ARC OnLine?

All UK CAA approved Part M Subpart G Organisations with appropriate approval and EASA Form 4 authorised signatories approved to issue and/or extend ARCs.

2. How do I access ARC OnLine?

You can access ARC OnLine once you have been issued with an Account and Logon details.

3. When can I start using ARC OnLine?

As soon as you have received your account and password details from us.

4. What do I do if I lose my Log-On Account details?

If Log-On Account details are lost, the Accountable Manager must contact the CAA via email and request that they are re-issued.

5. What do I do if I've lost or forgotten my password?

As above, the CAA can re-issue a password upon email request from the Accountable manager.

6. How should I protect my Log-On Account details?

We recommend that the Log-On identification and password is retained by the Accountable Manager, and then only shared with personnel as necessary, i.e. ARC OnLine end users. It is the responsibility of the approved CAMO to manage and secure their own individual logon and associated use of the ARC OnLine system.

7. My session timed-out half way through my transaction, and I cannot log back in, what do I do?

If you were unable to complete the transaction for any reason, reconnect and try to Log back onto the system for a second attempt. The CAA will be notified automatically if the transaction went ahead. If you are still unsuccessful, contact us for assistance during opening times. We will liaise with our helpdesk to rectify the problem as soon as possible.

8. When is the system available for use?

The system will be accessible via the Internet so availability should be uninterrupted. If you experience technical difficulties whilst using the system, please inform us by email as soon as possible, and we will liaise with our helpdesk for you to rectify the problem. However, please note this assistance can only be offered during opening times.

9. I’ve made an error on my Airworthiness Review Certificate, how do I get a replacement?

Please notify us as soon as possible. Upon notification we will cancel your submission. Please then use ARC OnLine again to correct the ARC submission error. Please be advised that if an error is identified after payment has been made your CAMO account will be credited at a later date.

10. I've entered the incorrect information for an aircraft into the system, what do I do now?

As an authorised signatory, you will need to contact the CAA during opening times via email with the details of the error requesting that the transaction is cancelled. This should not prevent you from completing a new transaction.

11. I want to cancel an ARC submission, how do I notify the CAA?

The authorised signatory should contact us as soon as possible, during opening times via email, and request that the transaction is cancelled. Please state the reason why the cancellation is necessary.

12. How do I pay for ARCs that I issue or extend?

The system will automatically calculate the charges for the transactions that you perform and SRG Finance will bill you accordingly and directly.

13. How do I know if I have to pay?

Once you have logged on to the ARC OnLine system, follow the guidance advice provided, and the system will identify you as a fee payer or non-fee payer. All AOC holders operating aircraft over 40,000kg pay for their validity of the ARC operating on the same AOC through the AOC Scheme of Charges and therefore are not required to pay for ARC OnLine transactions.

14. I know I have to pay, but how do I determine how much?

See the Certificate of Airworthiness Fee Calculator for EASA aircraft, a link is provided on ARC OnLine for your assistance.

15. Can I use ARC OnLine to notify the CAA of an ARC issued for a foreign registered aircraft?

No, the facility is for use by UK Part M Subpart G approved organisations for UK registered aircraft only.

16. Can a Foreign NAA use ARC OnLine to notify CAA of ARC’s issued for UK Registered Aircraft?

No, a Foreign NAA must notify the CAA of an ARC issued for a UK registered aircraft by submitting a copy of the ARC, and our records will then be updated accordingly.

17. I've lost my Airworthiness Review Certificate, how can I obtain a replacement?

The owner or operator should request a replacement certificate from us by email, and we will arrange for a new certificate to be issued once payment of the replacement document fee has been received. The charge for this is as per a Certificate of Airworthiness.

18. In the event of a loss of Internet connection I cannot access the system, what do I do next?

The system is subject to usual reliable Internet access from service providers, however if a timed-out session is experienced, or connection to the Internet is completely lost see Question 7.

You can also recommend an ARC issue or obtain the original Form 15a for a first or second extension by adding validity manually and stamping and signing the certificate in accordance with your approval and procedures. Don't forget to send a copy to the CAA for our records, together with the relevant fee.

If you want to issue a Form 15b, you can forward this to the CAA with payment. For a Form 15b extension, you can obtain the original certificate and manually extend it. Either option must be undertaken in accordance with your approval and procedures. Don't forget to send a copy to the CAA for our records, together with the applicable fee.

19. What if want to contact the CAA outside of normal business hours?

Users of this service will be able to contact the CAA by email or facsimile outside of normal opening times, however your message will not be reviewed until we re-open. You will be unable to leave telephone messages during these times.

20. What will happen to the copy of the ARC that I send to the CAA?

In accordance with State of Registry procedures the copy of the ARC submitted to CAA will form part of the airworthiness records for the aircraft, and subject to retention by us.