Appeals Process - Lease Approval

How to challenge a decision or proposal made by the CAA

In accordance with EU Regulation 1008/2008, a dry lease agreement to which a United Kingdom air carrier is a party or a wet lease agreement under which the United Kingdom air carrier is the lessee is subject to prior safety approval from the CAA.

Where a United Kingdom air carrier wet leases a non-EU/EEA registered aircraft an approval is required from the Department for Transport.  Before such an approval can be granted, the CAA must be satisfied that all safety standards equivalent to those imposed by Community or United Kingdom law are met.

If the CAA –

  • refuses a safety approval or grants one subject to conditions; or
  • concludes that it is not satisfied as the safety standards applicable to a non-EU/EEA carrier,
    the applicant is entitled to have the decision reviewed  by one or more CAA Board Members.

To request a review, simply write to or email the CAA official who has sent you the decision or proposal clearly stating that you wish the matter to be reviewed. You will then be contacted by a CAA lawyer who will be appointed to manage the review who will be able to answer any queries about the process.

The appeal procedures are contained in the Licensing of Air Carriers Regulations 1999. (These are currently being updated to reflect the above changes).