Appeals Process: Challenge the conduct of a test or examination

Guidance on challenging the conduct of a test or examination

If you have failed any test or examination which you are required to pass before being granted or exercising the privileges of a personnel licence, you are entitled to request that the CAA determines whether the test or examination was properly conducted.

You must make such a request within 14 days after being notified of the failure.

To make such a request, simply write or email the CAA official who has sent you the notification or the CAA department responsible for the relevant qualification or email You should clearly describe the test or examination with which you are concerned and state that you wish the CAA to determine whether it was properly conducted.

You will be contacted by a CAA lawyer who will be appointed to manage the review who will be able to answer any queries about the process.

A guide to the review process is available in: CAP 1049 - Guidance for applicant Review of conduct of test or exam.

The review will include a hearing which the appellant may attend.

If the applicant/holder requests a review, the decision must be made only by Members of the CAA after conducting a review. The review is conducted by a Panel of Members of the CAA who are appointed by the Secretary of State for Transport.