Better Regulation

The CAA’s better regulation work and in particular the key actions the CAA is taking in response to the Hampton Implementation Review Report

In January 2010, the Better Regulation Executive published its report reviewing the CAA's performance against the Hampton principles of better regulation.  The report concluded that "the CAA is a regulator that achieves positive regulatory outcomes, and is moving towards a good level of compliance with the Hampton principles".

The full report is available here

The report is part of a series of reviews of regulatory bodies assessing compliance with the Government's better regulation agenda.  It also identifies ways in which the CAA can meet the Hampton Criteria more fully, and this is work that the CAA has embarked on and captured in our action plan.

CAA Action Plan

For the most part, much of the work highlighted already features in current plans, or is scheduled to take place as part of the CAA Business Review.  We will provide further updates as the work progresses.