APC Documents and Forms

Manual submission of APC

Documents and Forms

Manual Reporting

If you will not be using the online facility to report your figures, you can still submit reports by post. These forms can be downloaded on this page.  Simply check which category of licence you fit into below for the relevant forms and advice on when these need to be submitted.

Every licence holder has a statutory duty to pay the APC within six weeks of the end of each reporting period.


Direct Debit Payment

The CAA’s preferred method for collection of your APC will be by Direct Debit, where your payments will be collected automatically upon submission of your returns. 

You can still pay by this method if you submit your returns by post.  To do so, simply complete the Direct Debit mandate and send it to the address provided. 

General APC forms

Licence Holders with £5 million or more licensable turnover

Monthly Reporting

Licence holders and licence holder groups with an authorised licensable turnover of £5 million or more are required to provide monthly reports to the CAA. 

Licence holders and licence holder groups who sell ATOL to ATOL seats, will still need to submit quarterly paper reports for their ATOL to ATOL passenger numbers, in addition to the monthly reports.  The Quarterly Licence Holder's Report can be downloaded here.

Monthly Forms


Licence Holders up to £5 million licensable turnover

Quarterly Reporting

Licence holders and licence holder groups within an authorised licensable turnover of less than £5 million are required to submit quarterly reports detailing the passenger numbers and revenue based on departure date.

Quarterly Forms

Small Business Licence Holders (SBA)

Annual Reporting

SBA's are companies authorised to carry no more than 500 passengers per year and are required to submit Annual returns at each renewal, which can also be done via the Online facility.

Annual Forms