Consultation - LAASG FTSG Proposals

Consultation on the proposal to amend Article 208 (previously Article 126) of the UK ANO to permit Flight Training in Aeroplanes and Helicopters from Unlicensed Aerodromes

Consultation on The Light Aviation Airports Study Group (LAASG) FTSG Proposals

Consultation Details
Status: Closed
Start Date: 7th April 2008
Closing Date: 10th July 2008
Outcome: Article 208 and Rules of the Air Regulations amended, and new Article 208A introduced in amendment to the Air Navigation Order 2009 issued 14 April 2010 (see CAP 393 Air Navigation: The Order and the Regulations).
Final Documents:

- Letter of Intent
- Impact Assessment
- Comment Response Document
- Questions and Answers
- Supplementary Information

Consultation Documents:

  • Consultation Letter
  • Impact assessment LAASG FTSG Proposals

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    This consultation is  now closed.