Research Projects

The research projects conducted by SRG relate exclusively to the regulatory standards applied by the CAA to the certification, maintenance and operation of UK registered aircraft, the licensing of aircrew (including medical aspects), air traffic services within UK regulated airspace and aerodrome licensing.

Whilst most of the projects are funded by the CAA, some are jointly funded with other organisations, in particular evacuation research (with the FAA) and the Helicopter Safety Programme (with Shell Aircraft and HSE).

All research projects are detailed in the publication linked below, an appendix contains projects with which SRG are either associated or interested but which are being carried out by other organisations.

The document also lists the reports and papers produced during the period April 1999 to March 2000 as a result of CAA funded or managed work. Most reports are issued as CAA papers but some, funded by the FAA, are published as FAA documents but with a CAA Paper Number in addition to the FAA reference. Some of the work carried out by DERA on sleep and fatigue is reported in DERA reports rather than under CAA covers.

CAA funded work is often presented at Conferences and appears in the associated proceedings.

Our published Research Papers can be found in the 'Research' category in the Publications area.