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Reflecting the CAA’s Mission, Values and Guiding Principles to provide best practice regulation and to remain open to new ideas about how safety objectives may be met in the changing operational and legislative environment, the Light Aviation Airport Study Group (LAASG) aims to provide an opportunity for creative thinking and the discussion of industry proposals, free from the restraint of preconceived assumptions, on new regulatory concepts that may be applied to light aviation airport activities.

This web page contains links to information about the Group’s work, the representatives on the Group, the Terms of Reference, and details of meetings. Your views and comments are welcome, presented through the Industry Representative most suited to your needs, details of which can be found here. Although representatives are drawn from a number of bodies, each representative will be pleased to accept comments for the LAASG from all interested parties irrespective of membership of the organisations that they represent.

The Terms of Reference and Working Methods statement for the LAASG can be found here.

Details of meetings can be found here.

Details of issues identified as in need of consideration can be found here.

Details of reference materials being used by the LAASG can be found here.

Details of the final report, presented to the CAA Executive Committee on 16 January 2006, can be found here.

The external consultation letter entitled 'Consultation on the Recommendations of the LAASG' dated 6 July 2006 can be found here.

Responses to Consultation on Proposals made by the Review of Aerodrome Facilities Team (RAFT) regarding the regulation of aerodromes where RFFS Category Special, 1 and 2 is provided:

The above consultation closed on 3 January 2008.  The level of response received was low, despite targeted publicity prior to the consultation.  We also received a small number of individual letters, expanding on the issues addressed in the consultation.  The points raised were considered to be valuable and we have therefore drawn these together in the form of a Comment Response Document (CRD).   Details of the responses received have been added to the original details on the relevant CAA Consultations web page.

Light Aviation Airports Study Group – Flight Training Sub-Group

The purpose of the Sub-Group is to consider the implementation of Recommendation 2 of the LAASG Final Report, namely:

That the CAA develops detailed proposals to remove the requirement for flying training to be conducted at a licensed aerodrome and accepts alternative arrangements, e.g. a Code of Practice or enhancement of FTO approval, to maintain safety levels for flying training to supplement the requirements in JAR-FCL.

Notes of the meetings:

15 February 2007
15 March 2007
12 April 2007
02 October 2008