Consultation - Review of CAP 683

Consultation - Review of CAP 683, The Assessment of Runway Surface Friction Characteristics

CAP 683 was first issued in 2000 and subsequently re-issued in May 2004.

All CAA guidance is reviewed regularly to ensure it remains valid, up to date and relevant. Consequently, a detailed review of the existing document has been carried out, involving informal consultation with representatives from the target audience, manufacturers of friction measuring equipment and other industry representatives, together with an assessment of information obtained from Aerodrome Inspection audit reports and Mandatory Occurrence Reports involving runway operations.

                                       Consultation Details

Status: CLOSED
Start Date: 25 January 2008

Closing Date:
Revised CAP 683 issued December 2008

18 April 2008
Final Documents:

Consultation Documents:
  • Comment Response Document and accompanying letter
  • Letter of Consultation
  • CAP 683 review document
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    Submissions: Consultation closed