Consultation - CAP 699 RFFS Training

Consultation - Review of CAP 699 Standards for the Competence of Rescue and Fire Fighting Service (RFFS) Personnel employed at United Kingdom licensed aerodromes

CAP 699 has been reviewed by a Sub-Group of the Aerodrome Operators Association Rescue and Firefighting Working Group and the draft document is now offered for consultation.

The Airport Operators Association (AOA) Rescue and Fire Fighting Service (RFFS) Working Group set up a sub-group with the specific aim to review CAP 699.  The review was in line with the terms published in the original document which remains in the ownership of the CAA.   The Group reviewed CAP 699 and has produced a draft revised document.  The draft revised CAP 699 has been passed to the CAA for public consultation.  Following the consultation the sub-group will consider any comments submitted and pass back to the CAA for approval and publication.

                      Consultation Details
Status: Closed
Start Date: 9 November 2007
Closing Date: 9 February 2008
Outcome: Revised CAP 699 issued May 2008

Final Documents:

Comments Response Document

Consultation Documents:

Letter of Consultation
CAP 699 review document

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Submissions: This consultation is now closed