Type Rating Training Organisations

Application and guidance information associated with the authorisation of TREs and SFEs in Type Rating Training Organisations

The CAA has approved a number of Type Rating Training Organisations (TRTOs) in the USA, Canada and Dubai that are approved to conduct type rating training for the issue of Joint Aviation Authorities (JAA) type ratings. These TRTOs meet the same criteria as the TRTOs approved to operate in UK with minor differences.

The general, but not invariable, criterion for eligibility is that simulators and therefore training courses for the aircraft types concerned are not available in JAA Member States.

None of the overseas TRTOs are Zero Flight Time Training (ZFTT) approved, nor are they able to offer aircraft training at the culmination of the simulator course. UK pilots undergoing type rating training overseas should organise their aircraft training before they depart to ensure continuity of training prior to the conduct of the Licence Skill Test.

ZFTT and Low Visibility Operations Training at TRTOs outside JAA are not currently approved. Operators must take this into account when planning their training overseas.

Type Rating Examiner Applicant Requirements for overseas TREs.

The basic requirements for a TRE applicant are:

  • Hold a current JAR ATPL or FAA ATP
  • Hold a current FAA/JAA 1st or FAA 2nd Class medical certificate. ATP holders require a 1st class medical certificate only if actively involved in Public Transport operations. For all other purposes, a 2nd Class medical certificate is permitted.
  • Hold a current FAA Training Centre Evaluator authorisation for the relevant aircraft type(s).
  • Complete the UK CAA Type Rating Examiner Training Course at the examiners home base. This will include familiarisation training and will have a written exam at the end of the day’s training.
  • The syllabus and the examination are both based upon the CAA Type Rating Examiner Standards Course but are tailored to the limited authorisations given to Type Rating Examiners outside the JAA.

Type Rating Examiner Competence Tests

For the non-JAA TCEs wishing to become JAR TREs, there is an Examiner Authorisation Acceptance Test conducted in the simulator for the type for which the TRE authority is requested.

A simulator of the relevant aircraft type is used to maximise realism, it is therefore essential that simulators used are capable of supporting operations in a JAR operating environment.

The pass criterion are contained in CAA Standards Document 24. A pass for the Type Rating Examiner will result in a three-year authorisation. Due to the difficulties of distance, marginal candidates will be failed and will require further training.

Typical problems encountered are;

  • Non standard European R/T phraseology
  • Non standard ATC compliance
  • Failure to apply JAA pass criteria correctly
  • Failure to structure the briefing and debriefing

This list is not exhaustive.

Applying for Type Rating Examiner/Synthetic Flight Examiner Authorisation

CAA Form SRG3102, together with the appropriate fee, should be sent to the Flight Operations Inspectorate (Training Standards). Details of the costs can be found in the CAA Scheme of Charges - Personnel Licensing.

Normally for overseas TRE requests, the application must emanate from the TRTO employing the person and not the individual themselves.

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